Uganda inaugurates first commercial oil drilling programme in Lake Albert

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Uganda is commissioning the first of its four planned oil drilling rigs and starts drilling the first production well this Tuesday – a key milestone for the country, as Kampala races to meet its target of first crude oil output in 2025.

The discovery of commercial reserves of petroleum under Uganda's Lake Albert was confirmed nearly two decades ago, but production has been repeatedly delayed due to lack of infrastructure.

Taking to the Twitter this Tuesday, the government-run Petroleum Authority of Uganda said: "Today we mark another milestone and move a step closer to first oil with the launch of the drilling of development and production wells for the Kingfisher oil fields."

The PAU, which regulates the petroleum sector, said President Yoweri Museveni was due to officiate at the Spudding (drilling) campaign launch at a site in Kingfisher project area, one of the country's two commercial oil development locations.

Kingfisher, located near the southern flank of Lake Albert in the country's west, is operated by China's CNOOC.

Uganda's second project area,Tilenga, located north of Lake Albert astride River Nile, is operated by France's TotalEnergies.

The two firms co-own all of Uganda's existing oilfields alongside the state-run Uganda National Oil Company.

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