UK arthritic dad beats skateboard W.R with 323 consecutive 'ollies' - which he did for a £5 bet

An arthritic British dad has beaten a skateboard world record with 323 consecutive 'ollies' - which he did for a £5 bet. David Tavernor, 34, performed the trick to beat the previous record of 302 set in 2018 by Nicholas Drachman of Providence, Rhode Island. Dad David, who has suffered with arthritis since his 20s, only took on the attempt to win a £5 wager he made with his friend. An ollie is a skateboarding trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of hands. David, a marketing consultancy director, says he was actually disappointed - saying he had hoped to complete up to 700 ollies. He said: 'In practice runs I've beaten the 302 record in about 33 minutes and was able to complete around 600 to 700 ollies without really feeling that tired. ''I reckon on the day I can get up to around 1000 or more. To be honest it's a little bit frustrating because I did 300 in less than 15 minutes. "After I went past the world record, I got a little bit less focused, did a little chip on the floor and stepped off, so the final tally was only 323" "I had it in me to go over 1000, but to be honest I just wanted to beat that 302 - that was the target". "I took a look at it and saw the number of ollies record, and thought that I could easily beat that. "It'd be nice in a few years time if my boy manages to break my record himself.'' This video was filmed on the 23rd August 2021.

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