Quiz! Are you an expert on the UK's lakes?

Rob Waugh
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Quiz! Are you an expert on the UK's lakes?

Tens of millions of tourists flock to see Britain’s beautiful lakes every year - with more than 19 million visiting the Lake District in 2018 alone.

Britain’s lakes have inspired authors such as Arthur Ransome, Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin - not to mention stories of the monster lurking beneath the surface of Loch Ness.

But how much do you REALLY know about Britain’s lakes and lochs?

Test your knowledge with our 15-question multiple-choice quiz, which features questions on lakes in all four British nations.

It starts off easy with some basic geography questions most people should be able to master no problems.

But be warned, there’s some far trickier questions lurking later on, from which lakes are artificial to which ones are officially lakes, not tarns or meres.

Give it a go on the link below!

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