UK on brink of first 27C mini heatwave 'in weeks' and it'll kick off soon

London, Liverpool and the West Midlands could be on the brink of a 27C mini heatwave following days of drab and dreary weather. UK temperatures are set to take an uptick shortly, with hopes of a 26C blast of air from the continent sweeping the country.

On Wednesday, July 17 it could be all change with temperatures hitting 27C in and around the south east and London and 26C near Liverpool on the same day. The West Midlands and south east have been earmarked to experience the best of the weather alongside Merseyside.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist and founder of British Weather Services, said: "It is overdue and will of course be welcomed. It does look as if we may well see a pattern change by then, higher air pressure and warmth taking over from the lower pressure and cool/cold.”

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He said: “However, plenty of water to flow under the bridge before then." The BBC outlook shows a change in fortunes for the UK from late July, explaining from July 21 towards August: "Lower pressure may remain over the far north-west and perhaps northern parts of Europe, while higher pressure may sit further south, i.e. close to the UK. Some model solutions show higher pressure over parts of Scandinavia.

"Temperatures are likely to stay around seasonal values but could also continue to climb slightly above average. At least the somewhat drier and calmer trend may continue. Over Scotland in particular, there is an enhanced risk that temperatures will remain more in the seasonal range and that it will be generally wetter and at times a little windier.

"In late July and early August, lower pressure could prevail over the far north-west and northernmost parts of Europe and higher pressure further south and east. Thus, the slightly warmer trend could continue or become established across much the UK, with drier and calmer conditions a little more likely."