UK businesswoman Gina Miller who blasted Parliament shutdown called 'traitor' outside of Supreme Court in London

UK business woman Gina Miller, who blasted PM Boris Johnson's shutdown of Parliament as "cynical and cowardly" was subject to being called a "traitor" as she left the Supreme Court in London Tuesday evening (September 17).

One man repeatedly called Miller a "traitor" as another woman told Miller that she will "go to hell."

The proceedings today are to determine the legitimacy of the prorogation of Parliament.

"It is so much more important even than Brexit. It is about how we are governed, about preserving our ancient democratic freedoms, and trying at all costs to stop a dangerous precedent being created that threatens constitutionally, politically and economically to impoverish us all," said Miller, in reference to her appeal.

Lawyers for Gina Miller and joint campaigners challenging the suspension told the Supreme Court on Tuesday there was "strong evidence" the British PM saw MPs "as an obstacle" and wanted to "silence" them.