UK cheerleaders win gold for England - making them the best in the WORLD

A group of cheerleaders took top prize competing for England in an international competition - making them the best in the WORLD.

England's Youth All Girl Median team of cheerleaders competed in the 2022 World Cheerleading Championship in Florida on April 20.

They completed an incredible routine for judges of the competition, which saw people somersaulting, flipping and flying through the air.

The all-girl team beat teams from all around the world in the competition - which is seen as the 'world cup of cheerleading' - and secured the title of world champions for England.

The championships took place at the huge stadium at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Aspiring professional cheerleaders from across the country rallied to audition for the England team - and brought together only the most elite in the country to compete.

One of these is Olivia-Mae Gordon, 13, who began cheer at just six years old and has trained tirelessly ever since.

She and three other girls from her home club, Aylesbury Cheerleading Academy, made it onto the England squad out of more than 600 who tried out.

Olivia-Mae's mum, Martyne, said: "Cheer isn't what people often think - it's not all about short skirts and pompoms.

"It's very athletic and they all have incredible athletic ability - the best in the country.

"They are now the world champions but people don't really know about cheer in this country so it often gets overlooked.

"But it would be such a shame for these girls to achieve world champion status and it not be spoken about.

"They need the recognition for pulling home the gold medals!"