UK Christmas Covid rules: the key points

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The UK Government and the devolved administrations for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have come together to agree a limited relaxation of coronavirus restrictions over Christmas.

These are the key points:

– Travel restrictions will be lifted across the UK for five days between December 23 and 27 to enable people from different households to gather over the holiday.

– Those travelling to and from Northern Ireland will be permitted to travel for an additional day either side.

– Up to three households will be able to come together to form a “Christmas bubble” during that period.

– Members of a bubble can meet at home, in places of worship and in outdoor public places.

– Bubbles must be fixed for the duration of the period and cannot be changed.

– Children under 18 whose parents live apart can be a part of both parents’ bubbles if they chose to form different groupings.

– In England, students who have returned home for the holidays are treated a part of their family household, rather than their student household, for the purposes of forming a Christmas bubble. The rules may vary in other administrations when detailed regulations are published.

– Bubble members will not be required to follow social distancing while they are together – although they are advised to exercise caution if there are vulnerable people involved.

– Members will not be able to get together in pubs or restaurants and restrictions on hospitality will be maintained depending on which tier people are living under.

– People are advised to reduce unnecessary contact with those they do not live with in the two weeks before they join a bubble.

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