The UK city a £26 flight from Newcastle famed for its hustle and bustle

London's calling
-Credit: (Image: MyLondon - Grahame Larter)

Summer is almost here and many people will be looking forward to packing their bags and heading off to holiday hotspots like Greece, Spain or Italy for a well earned week in the sun. And while package holidays can be the pinnacle of entertainment and good times, today's economy may mean that many won't be able to afford the privilege.

But you don't always have to pay a fortune to have a couple of nights away closer to home - when you know where to look. For example, a quick SkyScanner search brings up a flight from Newcastle to London for £28 through British Airways on July 26.

Skyscanner compares flights from the likes of TUI, Jet2, Ryanair, British Airways and much more, before showing you the cheapest - so it's certainly worth checking before you book up. But what is there to do in London? Here Chronicle Live breaks it down.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament -

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament
Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament -Credit:PA

One of the top tourist attractions comes in the form of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament - it's probably even one of the first things you think of when you picture the capital. Probably the world's most famous clock, Big Ben dates back to 1843 while the Houses of Parliament surrounding are equally as old.

No matter how many times you've seen the hub of London on TV or in photos, nothing compares to the real thing, so make the trek to central and have a look for yourself.

Buckingham Palace -

Another key building of London comes in the form of Buckingham Palace - which as served as the monarchy's official London residence since 1837. While you won't be able to roam the grounds or the building's 775 rooms at leisure, you can get pretty close and admire it in all of its beauty, watch a changing of the guards ceremony, and even have a chance of seeing royalty as they go about their business.

Browse Borough Market -

Borough Market, London
Borough Market, London -Credit:PA

A thousand-year-old market in the heart of London, make sure you swing by the Borough Market to get a bite to eat. Set in a historic food hall, this legendary eating spot plays host to some of the world's most reputable traders, allowing people to explore and discover new tastes from all over the globe.

Check out the Natural History Museum -

One of the world's most famous museums, the Natural History Museum has an abundance of exhibits looking at Earth and its creatures, a stunning wildlife garden, and some super geological collections. Just watch out for the huge roaring T-Rex which inhabits the South Kensington staple!

Explore the outskirts -

Many people assume that you'll want to stick to central London to have the best time, and while many will find fun doing the typical touristy things, there are so many hidden gems in each borough that could go a miss. This Chronicle Live reporter used to live in Hackney when he was at university, and had many a great night in the ever-trendy Shoreditch, the cool Camden, and the bustling Brixton.

Don't be afraid to venture away from central London, or you might just miss treats like Primrose Hill, Dalston Market, and an abundance of street art and lush outdoor spaces.