UK cop leaves a man covered in blood after stomping on his face in Stevenage, UK

This is the moment a cop left an "old man's' face covered in blood after he stamped him to the ground in a "disgusting" incident caught on camera. The officer booted the white-haired man in the back as he lay on the ground after being tasered, forcing his head to smash into the concrete. Stunned bystanders watched as six police officers arrested the man who appeared to be in his 50s or 60s in a busy shopping district in Stevenage, Herts. Witness Andy Symonds, 36, slammed the police's response as "disgusting" after capturing the incident on camera yesterday afternoon. Andy, a car transporter, said: "Look at this, this is Stevenage - old man, grey hair - and look at them, look at the way they're treating him." He added: "The bloke clearly wasn't a strong old man. There was no active violence from him whatsoever. "The way they treated him was absolutely disgusting. "He got up off the floor and he had his hands up when the taser was out and the officer shot him. "When he was on the floor with his back to the officer he had no threat of violence. "The officer kicked him with such force that his head smashed into the floor and he had a bloody face. "As soon as the police officer kicked him they called for an ambulance because he realised what he'd done. "The police's job is to serve and protect - not to violate that position." Andy, from Welwyn Garden City, Herts, said he believed that the man had been stopped by police after a Tesco worker accused him of shoplifting. The footage first shows two male officers and a female officer trying to restrain the man on the ground before they get off him as one of the male officers draws his taser on the man. The man gets to his feet and steps towards the officer with his arms outstretched and is immediately tasered, causing him to drop to the ground. The officer says: "Right, you've been tasered mate." When the man tries to get up the officer shouts "stay down" and another taser shot can be heard. As another male officer arrives at the scene, the man is lying facing away from the cop who fired the taser, who then shouts "put your hands behind your back". The man has his back to the male officer holding the taser when the cop stamps on his upper back, sending his face into the concrete ground. Three officers then attempt to handcuff the man as the camera moves to show the man's bloodied face, with blood drops on the concrete. A bystander says "He's got a big cut on his head from the kick they just gave him." A female officer asks if anyone has got a first aid kit before another male officer says to his colleagues to call for an ambulance. Hertfordshire Police were contacted for comment.

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