UK couple make genius meat smoker in their garden using old filing cabinet

A couple has shared their “genius” DIY meat smoker which they made out of an old office filing cabinet. Gill and Jeremy Snowdon, both 65, from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK, had the smart idea after doing a course on how to smoke food. Several different appliances were used, including a re-purposed metal filing cabinet. When they came across a similar cabinet that was being thrown out of a local office that was closing down, they decided to try their hand at creating their very own smoker. The thrifty duo added old oven trays, shelves and BBQ racks to the cabinet. The process of smoking the food is surprisingly simple. Gill said: “We fill the bottom drawer receptacle, a heavy-duty tray, with fuel. “We also use newspapers twists and twigs, and then add apple and cherry wood. “I have also added rosemary and sage clippings, and oak chips used from offcuts of a picture frame. “Once brined, the meat, fish and poultry is hot-smoked for a few hours depending on its size and whether there are bones or not. “It’s not an exact science, so that makes it more fun.” They have used the smoker to perfect dishes such as mussels, salmon, pheasant, chicken, mallard and garlic. The couple now stores the smoker on their allotment, which they can see from their home to keep an eye on it. After sharing a video of the finished result on Facebook, they were inundated with comments praising the innovative use of the cabinet. The post has since been shared more than 60,000 times. One person said: “Now that’s what I call using the imagination – brilliant.” “Amazing – would look a bit off in the garden though,” another commented. Other fans called the smoker “genius” and “amazing” – and were even inspired to make their own.

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