UK Covid cases rises to 37,314 with 114 deaths after 4th wave warning

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People drink and dine in an open-air seating area in Covent Garden, London (PA)
People drink and dine in an open-air seating area in Covent Garden, London (PA)

The UK has recorded the highest Covid cases this week at 37,314 and 114 deaths on Friday.

By comparison, 36,572 daily cases and 113 deaths were recorded on Thursday.

It comes as England’s coronavirus reproduction number has risen to between 0.9 and 1.2 in the latest Government figures.

R represents the average number of people each Covid-19 positive person goes onto infect with the virus.

Every 10 people who have coronavirus will infect between 9 and 12 others when the R number is between 0.9 and 1.2.

The R value has begun to climb in England as Monday’s saw self-isolation rules for double-jabbed Britons relaxed.

In comparison, the R value was at 0.8 to 1 last week.

Earlier on Friday, the UK was issued with a stark warning about a fourth wave of the coronavirus.

Eran Segal, a biologist professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science, said Israel has seen a spike in infections as the effectiveness of double Pfizer vaccine begin to wanes.

The professor warned the UK needs to act now to prevent a “deadly wave” of the virus.

He wrote in The Daily Mail: “Israel is responding with a vigorous programme of booster jabs and I believe our experience may have several implications for Britain and other countries.

“Firstly, countries must redouble their efforts to persuade vaccine-refuseniks to get their inoculations.

“Secondly, a policy of booster jabs must be considered for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. It would be wise to act now to prevent a deadly wave in the UK.”

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