UK delivery driver has a bad day and crashes DPD van into CANAL

A delivery van was spotted half submerged in a canal - after it took a tumble off the bank. A woman spotted an unusual sight while out for a cycle after a delivery van slipped off the side of a bank and got stuck in a canal in Lancashire. The video, filmed on August 16, shows the bizarre scene involving a DPD van which prompted mum Rachel Shuttleworth, 40, to whip out her camera. The beauty salon owner, from Nelson, Lancashire, said she had been out cycling along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal around the Brierfield area with daughter Bryony, 14, when they spotted the van, nose-down in the water. Describing the scene, Rachel said: "When we rode around the corner we spotted it straight away - we assumed it had just happened so rushed ahead to help the driver get free. "But when we got closer we spotted the seat was empty, which was a relief, and that was when we spotted a police officer at the back of the van, as well as an ambulance and a fire engine nearby. "When we saw the driver, he was being checked out and it appeared the fire personnel had used a ladder to help him get out. "Once we realised there was no danger and the driver was okay, I couldn't help but take a video because I knew people in the local area would find it a funny sight. "I found it hilarious that despite the fact it had nose-dived into a canal, the windscreen wipers were still going, as if they were needed!" Filmed on 16th August 2021

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