UK dental hygienist is doing treatments in gardens and cycles between houses with her equipment

A dental hygienist is doing treatments in gardens amid a massive backlog of demand due to covid - and cycles between houses with her equipment on a cargo bike. Fiona Perry, 56, started the initiative, Flying Smiles, in March last year but was hampered by lockdown and began treating patients in August. On sunny days she and husband James, 47, often perform treatments in back gardens to further reduce the risks of transmission. Mother-of-one Fiona said demand for at-home treatment as soared as people hope to avoid using public transport and sitting in waiting rooms. During her visits to patients in rural Perthshire, Fiona said she has seen the impact of a lack of accessible dentistry care in elderly people including a pensioner who lived for six years with dentures she was holding in place with her tongue, hampering her ability to speak. Community-minded Fiona has visited care homes in a bid to help out. Using two cargo bikes to transport equipment, Fiona and James, who live in Comrie, Perthshire, provide private dental hygiene including to young professionals who struggle to find time due to work demands to visit a dental surgery. And she said the backlog and "chaos" facing dental surgeries, many of which have hygienists on furlough due to concerns around having adequate ventilation, meant demand has skyrocketed. Fiona said: "People are more open to having stuff done at home than they were before. "Because I am going to people's houses I always wear another layer of personal protective equipment. "If it's a sunny day I do stuff in people's gardens, people love it and find it really relaxing cloud watching and hearing the sounds of the birds. "As long as there's an extension lead for equipment we can do everything outside. "The reason I set up the business was I realised lots of elderly patients would struggle with cleaning their teeth when they got less mobile. "NHS dentistry is rocketing after covid, it has been really interesting for my professional development seeing what comes to you. "I do see young professionals who are too busy to take time off work to go to the dentist. "When it starts hurting, it is often too late." This video was filmed on the 25th June 2021.

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