UK drinkers have alcohol rules 'loosened' but warned they must 'adhere'

Drinkers in England have been given loosened alcohol rules and restrictions out in Germany for Euro 2024. Fans out in Germany to cheer on the Three Lions, with England's campaign continuing to be aired on BBC and ITV, have had booze rules loosened.

According to the Free Lions fanzine, run by the Football Supporters Association: "Alcohol is expected to be back to normal for this game, with no restrictions on sale and normal beer percentages available, and you should be able to drink in the stands."

Officer Marcus Heide has also warned that fans must 'adhere to the rules' to ensure everyone enjoys a positive experience. Heide said: "The vast majority of English fans are known for being open and spreading a positive atmosphere.

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"We ask them to help ensure everyone adheres to the rules of being together. This will ensure that we all experience an unforgettable time together." It comes after fans were given strict rules around beer in Gelsenkirchen, where The Three Lions beat Serbia on Sunday night.

"Between the police forces of the federal states, the national associations and UEFA as the organizer, we came to the conclusion that this match would be classified as a so-called high-risk match," said Peter Both, chief police director of Gelsenkirchen, ahead of the Serbia match.

"If someone arrives so drunk that they are barely able to hold their ticket, I would expect them to be denied entry to the stadium. I firmly believe that there is a connection between excessive alcohol consumption and the willingness to become violent. If that no longer exists, we will have to rewrite all the biology books on the subject."

England now face Denmark on Thursday night before their final clash of the group stage against Slovenia. Scotland are next in action on Wednesday evening at 8pm.