UK drought warning as further heatwaves cannot be ruled out

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UK drought warning as further heatwaves cannot be ruled out

Britain could fall into drought this summer as the dry weather puts increased pressure on water supplies, officials warned on Monday.

The National Drought Group, made up officials from government, water companies and environmental groups, will meet on Tuesday to discuss ways to cope with low rainfall, which could include hosepipe bans and other water restrictions being placed on households, farmers and businesses.

The Met Office has not been able to rule out further heatwaves this year following the record breaking 40C temperatures experienced earlier in July.

More prolonged dry weather could force the Environment Agency and Defra to declare a national drought next month.

The south and east of England has already been put in “prolonged dry weather status” due to low rainfall in the winter and spring.

This means the areas are already in the early stages of a drought, according to the Environment Agency.

The last time an official drought was declared in the UK was in 2018.

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