UK electric car hotspots revealed

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The UK’s electric car hotspots have been revealed in new data released today.

Electric car adoption is speeding up quickly across the country with nearly a quarter of a million EVs now on the UK’s roads.

And it’s Peterborough which has come out on top as having highest percentage of EVs, with 11,450 electric vehicles registered in the area. It means that out of the 217,280 cars in the area, 5.27 per cent are EVs – the highest in the country.

It was followed by the Forest of Dean, which has 2,981 EVs – making up 4.57 per cent of the 65,170 cars in the area. Third place fell to Slough, which has 8,470 EVs out of a total of 245,560 cars – accounting for 3.45 per cent of vehicles registered there.

The national average stands at 0.71 per cent.

EV hotspot data
Peterborough came out on top in the EV stakes

Fermanagh & Omagh in Northern Ireland came out in last place with just 0.09 per cent of the 84,420 cars in the area being electric, with Blaenau Gwent in Wales coming just above with just 0.10 per cent of its 38,370 cars being EVs.

London and Birmingham came out on top when it came to the most electric vehicle in total with 29,907 and 18,988 cars respectively.

Dan Hutson, head of motor insurance at, who conducted the research, said: “Not so long ago, the number of electric vehicles on the road was a lot smaller. The UK didn’t have the infrastructure in place and many people considered switching to electric as too expensive.

“It’s great to see that in a relatively short amount of time, this has started to turn and the UK is well on its way to achieving the government’s targets of going electric and banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035.

“With almost a quarter of a million EVs on UK roads, and the number rising constantly, the UK is becoming a nation of more eco-conscious and ‘greener’ motorists.”

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