UK Extinction Rebellion protestors marched through Cornwall ahead of the G2 summit

Extinction Rebellion protestors marched through the streets chanting ahead of the G2 summit. A large crowd of people from the environmental protest group have set up home in Charlestown, Cornwall, ahead of the summit. Protestors chanted as they marched through the streets, armed with yellow and blue flags adorned with the recognisable Extinction Rebellion symbol. One protestor can be seen cycling with a trailer attached to his bike that pulled along a massive homemade paper globe as part of the protest, on Monday (7). Helicopters were also separately seen flying over Charlestown Harbour yesterday (8). Kai Connor, 36, had been visiting family in Charlestown when he was taken aback by the sight of the large Chinook choppers flying above the sea. The project manager, from Bristol, said: "As we pulled into the harbour, we were held up by a group of Extinction Rebellion supporters cycling through the streets. *This video was filmed 7th June 2021.