UK faces 31,914 new coronavirus infections and 40 deaths

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UK faces 31,914 new coronavirus infections and 40 deaths

The UK recorded 31,914 new coronavirus infections and 40 deaths on Monday.

By comparison, daily cases hit 32,253 and 49 deaths were recorded on Sunday.

Vaccines have continued to be successfully rolled out across the country with a total of 89,501,494 jabs given to date.

Of the total doses, 41,810,753 have been second jabs administered in the UK.

From Monday, a total of 47,690,741 first doses have been received which is a rise of 40,345 on the previous day.

It comes as another 35million doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be delivered to the UK in the next half of 2022.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the extra doses are part of “robust preparations” to ensure the country’s safety “for years to come” against Covid-19.

The Department of Health (DH) said it has begun plans for future booster programmes to protect everyone against the virus.

This week also faces more changes to the traffic light travel system amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The review will see a number of changes this week as holidaymakers could face more heartbreak at the end of the summer.

The Caribbean could be set for the red list while Croatia could be heading for the amber list following the latest update on coronavirus infections in the destinations.

However, Spain could dodge the red list following a drop in coronavirus cases.

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