UK family rescue baby squirrel and nurse him back to health

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A family who rescued a lonely baby squirrel are so nuts about him they set up a nursery - giving up a whole room in their house. Salma Khan, 40, shooed away four eager cats, including family-pet Sherman, who were eying the petrified rodent in her garden. The cold, weak, creature clung to her fourteen-year-old son Zayn Teemil's foot for comfort - sucking at the croc he was wearing. The caring mum filled her fluffy pink bed-socks with uncooked rice which she popped in the microwave to make heat packs which the tiny animal snuggled-up to while they waited for his squirrel-mother. The kind family salvaged a box from the recycling - pinching bedding from their hamster supplies to make a nest. Ex primary-school teacher Salma took the small grey rodent into the family home at dusk, because she couldn't get a rescue place. The squirrel, now called Jonjo, took over her office - allowing Salma's daughter, and animal-management student, Anbar Teemil, 16, to feed him special puppy milk that was recommended online. The family cared for Jonjo for 16 days - trying to reintroduce him to the wild, and eventually taking the little critter to a squirrel rehab home. Stay-at-Home-mum Salma, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: "It really was very funny having him and it got me out for walks. "I loved watching him: he's so agile. He'd get right up onto your head, in your hair, and into any gap in your clothes. "If you didn't let him he'd scream at you. He was properly spoiled - it was like he had little tantrums. "He just needed his mum: he clung and clung to the heat packs as soon as I put them down, so we called them the mama-socks. "Although it's lovely to have the space back, we were very lucky to have him, and we all miss him." This compilation was created on October 2021.

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