UK far-right groups a growing threat as they prepare for 'civil war' between the West and Islam

A supporter of the far-right English Defence League
A supporter of the far-right English Defence League

Far-right groups in the UK pose a ‘growing threat’ and there is an increasing belief among supporters of a coming ‘civil war’ between the West and Islam, according to a new report.

The 2018 ‘State of Hate’ report also claims extreme right-wing groups are becoming increasingly tech-savvy and can gain support online.

The warning comes from the organisation Hope Not Hate, which investigates neo-Nazi groups.

The report has been published in the same week as the outgoing head of counter-terrorism policing in the UK warned of the growing threat from the far-right.

‘This rising threat is the consequence of the increasingly confrontational tone of far right rhetoric, combined with the almost universal extreme right belief that a civil war between Islam and the West is coming as well as the growing influence of hard-line European nazis living in the UK,’ stated the report.

It added that the emergence of new groups has been helped by the collapse of former traditional right-wing parties such as the British National Party.

The report also claims that far-right terror acts are expected to increase, and cites examples such as those committed by Darren Osborne who attacked Muslim worshippers in London.


Terror attacker Darren Osborne who attacked Finsbury Park mosque (Rex)
Terror attacker Darren Osborne who attacked Finsbury Park mosque (Rex)

He was jailed for 43 years last month fior the attack which killed one.

Online, British extreme figures are proving popular, say Hope Not Hate.

It claims that ‘three of the five far right activists with the biggest online reach in the world are British’.

‘There is a new and younger generation of young far right activists emerging who are very tech savvy, look normal and do not have the traditional nazi baggage that has hampered the British far right in the past.’

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