New UK finance minister tells BoE governor to meet him twice a week

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Weekly cabinet meeting in London

LONDON (Reuters) - British finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng and Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey will meet regularly, initially twice a week, to coordinate economic support over the coming months, the finance ministry said on Wednesday.

"The Chancellor and the Governor agreed to re-instate weekly meetings - starting with bi-weekly meetings in the first instance - and coordinate closely to support the economy over the coming months," the statement said.

The two met earlier on Wednesday following Kwarteng's appointment under new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

"The Chancellor and Governor agreed that getting inflation under control quickly is central to tackling cost of living challenges," the statement said. "The Chancellor confirmed that over the medium term, the government is committed to seeing debt falling."

(Reporting by William James; editing by David Milliken)