The UK general election has been taken over by teenage girl fandoms

General Election 2015 campaign - April 20th
General Election 2015 campaign - April 20th

THE UK GENERAL election has officially moved up a gear.

Simply declaring your support for Ed Miliband or David Cameron is now officially passé — if you’re not a Milifan or a Cameronette, you’re officially passé.

Yesterday the world was delighted to learn that a British teenager named Abby had started the Milifandom, a group of teenage girls who love and adore Ed Milband.

The movement has grown and now many #milifans are jumping aboard the #milibandwagon. (Hey-oh!)

Not content to let Ed Miliband dominate the attention of teenage girls, some David Cameron fans have set up a Cameron fandom.

Introducing the #cameronettes.

Someone claiming to be a 13-year-old girl named Emily has set up a Twitter account devoted to the Prime Minister.

Some were skeptical over how legit the Cameron fandom is…

And The Telgraph confirmed those suspicions by revealing that the person behind the account was a 21-year-old student named Charlie Evans.

Which is a bit grim.

In any case, Ed Miliband seems delighted about the whole thing.

This morning, he thanked Abby for her support in a series of tweets.

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