UK’s high death rate pinned to epidemic starting ‘much earlier than predicted’

Jane Kirand Emma Bowden, PA
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    According to the WHO website the Wuhan outbreak may have happened in mid-November which means that the virus had plenty of time to spread to the UK via thousands of students, tourists and immigrants from China, including Wuhan. That's why Icelandic scientists who contact-traced all their cases found that the virus was widespread in the UK from the start. This may also explain why many in the UK reported very unusual symptoms as early as December, even before the epidemic was officially reported in China.
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    I have evidence that Covid-19 was actually about even earlier. Sweden reported cases in November, Dr Giuseppe Remuzzi, Milan tells me he also had Covid-19 presentations in November. The odd flu last winter, was misdiagnosed it was Covid-19. I have asked for any blood samples taken last winter to be screened, then we will know for certain. If so, my hunch is Covid-19 was brought in sometime in late Summer 2019 and was dormant until mid October onwards which matches when the odd Flu cases were coming into A & E.
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    Although Professor Ferguson is now disgraced and no longer part of SAGE I agree with his point of view that the Corona virus was circulating far sooner in this country than first thought. Also it was brought in by multiple infected people from Italy, Spain, France and Austria/Germany. The huge numbers of cases rendered any hope of test, trace, track completely redundant. The Government was then left in the position of "catch-up". Now, almost 4 months later we are just starting to get on top of the problem. Just when the Great British Public are rebelling against the lockdown and threatening to provoke a "Second wave".
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    As a family we suspect my sister had this in late December. We were with her on 28th and she was fine. Phoned on 30th and she had what we suspected atthe time the start of a bad cold. On 31st her doctor called an ambulance as he suspected Pneumonia. She was released from hospital 5 days later. We know of similar cases and think that the virus was here in the UK much earlier and probably continued to develop/mutate.
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    Some had the virus in December, So by early March when Government realised what was going on it had most likely spread like wildfire in the population!
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    So lots of experts have made lots of mistakes.
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    Vlad Vld
    as personal trainer and gym instructor wich interacts a lot with people i remember i was so sick in december for about 6 days i was barely standing on my feet.i was shoving my throat monster and energy drinks to keep me going...i was spitting blood at one point but i recovered and none of my clients or members of the gym complained or died. in fact a lot of people were sick in january too.. i had lots of sessions cancelled because clients were sick... we carry on...too much drama and fear.
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    martin brian
    Yes i know.
    Myself and others very unwell in
    January plus December.
    So i say been here a lot longer.
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    Sandie Gray
    Many people In England where really unwell in December 2019 it was put down to being the normal Flu time of year .
    Well maybe not this time.
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    So apparently these so called experts are not so expert at all, everyone seems to be getting fed up with all these expert predictions.