UK tries to find homes for thousands of Afghan evacuees

Afghan evacuees in the UK are reportedly facing uncertainty over where they will live after being airlifted to the country.A charity worker has told British broadcaster Sky News that some evacuees are still in hotels, despite their mandatory COVID-19 quarantine having ended."Lots of uncertainty with the housing issues and where they will be going next. How children, obviously they need to start schooling and the rest of the support they need," said Fahim Zazai, from the Afghan Community and Welfare Centre.Many of those who fled Afghanistan worked with the British, and are now reliant on goodwill donations, having left behind all they had.UK authorities have said that over a hundred local councils have agreed to house Afghans but many more have not been forthcoming.It is now feared many could be forced to stay in hotels indefinitely if not enough homes are made available.The city of Coventry has pledged to rehouse 150 Afghans and council leaders say that no local authorities should be able to opt out of providing those in need with homes.

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