UK households who have 'bought their house' warned over £40,000 bill

UK households who "have bought their house" have been warned they face a staggering £40k bill. Mortgage holders up and down the country have been warned over seven property issues to look out for when buying a property - or risk a staggering £40k bill to fix them.

Saga's property expert, Anna Thunstrom, has explained the seven problems to look out for. Subsidence could hit UK households hard in the pocket to the tune of £6,000-£14,000, with the experty saying : "Whilst minor cracks under 0.5 millimetres in width are normal, larger cracks extending from windows, doorways or corners could indicate subsidence - when the property’s foundations have begun to sink.

"A surveyor will pick up on this kind of issue, and they'd be able to give you an accurate rebuild cost for insurance purposes. However, to spot early signs at a viewing, try opening and closing internal doors to check for sticking or any gaps in the frames.

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"Place a small ball on the floor and see if it noticeably rolls in any direction, which could indicate sinking." Invasive plants, meanwhile, could cost £1k to £12k, while missing roof tiles could see you billed £8,000 to repair them, Anna goes on to warn.

"Tell-tale signs of a roof in disrepair are missing or loose tiles or any roof debris on the floor," she said. "If only a few tiles are affected, then it could be an affordable fix, but if a whole new roof is needed, then you could be looking at a hefty bill running into the thousands."

The cost of fixing poor insulation is a whopping £2000, too, while mould and water damage will set you back £1,200. Anna says: "Take the opportunity to examine the walls and ceilings to notice any potential damp and mould problems, such as stains, damp patches upon touch or a musty odour."

Blocked gutters, meanwhile, could cost you £900 further down the line.