UK households getting free £220 'cash grant' towards Cost of Living

Thousands are getting a free £220 Cost of Living 'cash grant' to help with supermarket shopping, energy bills and more. Hard-up and skint households can access the cash from the government after it expanded the Household Support Fund.

Households in Cambridgeshire in need of support can apply for a financial award of £110 per household. Residents can apply twice for support between 1 April and September 30 this year, meaning each household could be in line to receive as much as £220.

The local authority explained: "Households are eligible to access Household Support Fund financial support, if all of the following apply (to both you and others in your household) currently live in Cambridgeshire, have £16,000 or less in money, savings, and investments and have income levels less than identified.

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"If you are paid monthly, the figures below are before any tax and you must include all sources of income which includes benefits received, pensions, income from property or other investments." The funding is open to all, but we particularly encourage applications from those households including (but not limited to) disabled people with increased utility bills due to usage of equipment or transport costs, those in receipt of housing benefit only, for example those living in multiple occupation households and paying fuel through meters etc and people who are entitled to but are not claiming any qualifying benefits.

To be eligible residents will need to live in Cambridgeshire, have £16,000 or less in money, savings, and investments and income below the threshold. The threshold is £24,876 before tax for a single adult, rising to £30,465 for the single parent of one child, £37,377 for the single parent of two children and £48,735 for a single parent of three or more children.

For couples without children the threshold is £34,494, rising to £36,123 for couples with one child, £42,418 for couples with two children and £54,572 for couples with three children or more.