UK households who miss out on £300 Cost of Living payment warned 'you can't appeal'

UK households who miss out on a £300 Cost of Living payment this summer have been warned you "cannot appeal". Blackpool Council is issuing £300 Cost of Living payments as part of the new and expanded Household Support Fund rules.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has given local authorities cash o support vulnerable residents. In Blackpool, the local authority states: "The Household Support Fund is a national scheme to provide support to vulnerable households in most need of help with significantly rising living costs. The current fund runs until 30 September 2024 but we may withdraw the scheme prior to this date if the allocated funding is exhausted sooner."

In Blackpool the Household Support Fund can help by providing short term financial support to meet immediate needs and help residents who are struggling to meet household energy costs. An award of £200 will be made to qualifying households of one or two people (including children).

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An award of £300 will be made to qualifying households of of three or more people (including children). To apply for the household support fund applicants must be over the age of 16 and responsible for paying the electricity/gas bills for the property, a Blackpool Council resident and experiencing financial hardship and not have enough resources to meet your immediate short term needs.

It says: "As this is a discretionary scheme there is no right of appeal. However if you feel we have overlooked important information you can ask us to look at the application again. Please email providing your reasons for review together with your name, address and reference number.

"Following this review the decision will be final." It added: "We are committed to tackling and preventing fraud in all its forms. If a claimant attempts to claim an award from the household support fund by making a false declaration or providing false evidence or statements they may have committed an offence under the Theft Act 1968.

"Where the council suspects fraud may have occurred it will investigate the matter as appropriate, they may lead to criminal proceedings."