UK households will wake up to £200 free cash in bank account for Cost of Living

Thousands of households are set to receive a cost of living cash payment worth £200. Wiltshire Council has been given £2.7million from the latest round of the Household Support Fund from the Conservative Party to share between thousands of residents.

Household Support Fund grants will be paid owed after the Tories expanded the scheme earlier this year, with more funding for local authorities and councils across the country, with UK residents able to apply for the sums amid the Cost of Living crisis.

Councillor Blair-Pilling said: “We were pleased to get confirmation that the Household Support Fund is going to run for an additional six months as it has proved to be invaluable, providing that little bit more support to those who need it during these continued challenging times.

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“We will plan this next round of allocation very carefully and continue to work with our partners in the third sector to get the help to where it’s needed as quickly as possible.” The last round of support saw households receive an average of £200 worth of help and it will likely be the same again this round.

Coun Blair-Pilling questioned what will happen when the support ends on 30 September. Council leader, Richard Clewer, said further funding was possible, but he believed it was being provided in "six-month chunks" due to the upcoming general election and the need for a new government to assess "what support should continue".

During the previous funding window which ran from April 2023 to March 2024, the council was allocated about £5.4 million, which was spent on 87 schemes. Now, it has been handed over £2 million as local residents are urged to apply.

The scheme was rolled out by the government earlier this year and expanded through the Spring Statement and Budget from Jeremy Hunt.