UK households warned they will be slapped with 'taxtopia' from July

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has accused the Labour Party of sending the UK into "taxtopia" if they win the General Election on July 4. The Conservative Party Chancellor has hit out at the Labour Party and Sir Keir Starmer ahead of the country going to the polls.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun on Sunday, he admitted Brits feel “bruised” over sky high taxes and immigration. Mr Hunt said: “On tax, yes we put it up. But we started putting it down with four pence off national insurance.

“That’s a tax cut for working people and we want to go further in the next parliament. Compare that to taxtopia. Taxtopia is what we will get under a Labour government.” He added: “A vote for Reform will mean fewer centre right MPs in Parliament, not more.

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“It will give Keir Starmer an unchecked majority. He will have a free hand to help himself to your salary to your pension to the value of your house. All the things that Labour governments have always wanted to do.”

Speaking in defence of Labour today, Shadow Health Secretar Wes Streeting said Labour “would like to go further on so many fronts”, adding on Sunday Morning With Trevor Phillips on Sky News: “But we are dealing with a fundamentally weak economy and public finances that are an absolute state.

“I just warn people, against this backdrop of breathtaking complacency in the media about the opinion polls, do not give the matches back to the arsonist to finish the job.” He added: "Do people want to see Liz Truss’s mini budget on steroids, which is the Conservative manifesto, being delivered if there’s a nightmare on Downing Street on 5 July or do they want to see a stable economy with economic growth, shared prosperity, enable us to invest in our public services without clobbering working people with taxes, that’s the choice at this election."