UK man invents world's longest ever mobility scooter measuring 6 meters

A man has invented the world's longest ever mobility scooter measuring 6m (22ft) - as long as an elephant.

Kevin Nicks, 57, is aiming to set the new Guinness World Record for the biggest scooter.

The self-employed designer and builder from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire has already created the World's Fastest Shed.

He hopes his scooter will smash the previous record which measured 3.15 meters (10 feet four inches), set in 2019.

To break the Guinness World Record, the machine must be a standard mobility scooter with no wheels in the middle to support its extra length.

It also has to travel 100 meters - which Kevin admits he “cannot wait” to cruise with his new ‘Long Vehicle’ sticker featuring at the back - and there is no minimum or maximum speed required.

The sizeable task, originally built from an eight mph broken mobility scooter, only took Kevin three days to build.

Kevin, who has also got the Guinness World Record for the fastest wheelbarrow on the planet (travelling up to a speed of 53.85mph), completed the whole project on a tight budget which cost him £180.

He said his most recent business venture - repairing mobility scooters - was what initially inspired him to lookout for a new GWR to attempt.

However, rather than just beating the previous by a few inches, Kevin decided to go all in and build one as long as physically possible.

Kevin said: “I just started my own mobility scooter business, doing sale service repairs – and had just finished another GWR project, which is the fastest speed record on a motorised BMX bike.

“I just thought I would take a look at mobility scooter records and discovered the last one was 10ft four inches long.

“I thought, ‘oh, I could so beat that!'

"If you've got to beat a record, you've got to smash it - so made it as long as I possibly could!".

He tackled various problems along the way, one being how to transport the vehicle, but swiftly found a solution by splitting it into two halves now.

Kevin, who adores his work and hopes to continue his "crazy" ventures, added: "A lot of what I do is to inspire other people to go and do fun things.

“The secret to it all should be having fun and being silly!”.