UK man makes musical score using coding from COVID-19 vaccine

This artist based in London has created a musical score using the coding sequence of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Jonny Drewek, @jonnydrewek on Instagram, used a digital audio workstation to map the coding to different instruments. The artist, who is studying at the Royal College of Art, mapped the G, C and A codes to their respective keyboard notes. He then made T represent the noise of a triangle. Once the letters had been mapped, Drewek let the intense musical score play. He said: "There's something magical in how the raw data of something like an mRNA sequence can cure a disease and save millions of lives. "I wanted to see if this incredible piece of complex data could be celebrated through some other form of art. "I made up some rules which allowed it to become music, meaning everyone can understand it on a (very silly) level." This footage was filmed on April 6.