UK man with no movement in his arms and legs can paint and make cup of tea using his MOUTH

A man with no movement in his arms and legs refused to let his disability hold him back and can paint and make a cup of tea - using just his MOUTH. Darren Douglas, 30, was born with arthrogryposis - a condition that means he has a lack of mobility in his arms and legs and has meant he has been in a wheelchair since he was three. But he hasn't let his disability stop him from living independently and he now wants to inspire others. He uses his mouth to do everything - from painting and making a cup of tea to helping him brush his teeth and pouring himself a drink- and videos himself, sharing the footage on TikTok, to educate others. Darren lives on his own - and has help from carers who come in to help him get up and dressed - and he has a black Labrador, Yvie, a support dog given to him from the charity Canine Partners, who brings the post to him and puts on the washing for him. Darren, a video creator, from Ramsey, Isle of Man, said: "I use my mouth like it is my hands. "I sort of just learnt to use my mouth to do things - like how you would learn to walk. "I use specially made sticks to then help me paint or pick up a mug. "I just want to show people that they are not restricted because of a disability. "You can achieve anything." Darren was always brought up with the mindset to do things for himself and moved away from home when he was just 16 so he could be more independent. "I have enough grip in my hands to grip my chair or hold a pen but that is about it," he said. "I can barely move my arms above my chest, but it hasn't stopped me." He used to be frustrated when he dropped something and couldn't pick it up, but since discovering specially designed sticks for disabled people and learning to use his mouth like you would your hands, he has a positive mentality and does as much as he can for himself. "I think sometimes people put disabled people in a box," Darren said. "But I am proving that people in a wheelchair are capable of doing things." Darren uses the sticks to paint his own home and pick up things in his house. "I have one in every room," he said. "People say why don't I just get someone in to paint for me, but if I can do it myself for free then why not." Getting his dog, Yvie, has also been helpful for Darren - as she helps retrieve his post, opens doors for him and is a special companion. "We have a special bond," he said. "She's always by my side." Darren is continuing to make people laugh and is educating others in his videos. "Someone asked how I brush my teeth, so I made a video to show them how I do it," he said. "I like that I can educate them." You can follow Darren on TikTok @darrenjdouglas

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