UK man PADDLEBOARDS to work and saves £2,500 a year in petrol and parking costs

A financial planner has the coolest commute and PADDLEBOARDS to work - saving £2,500 a year in petrol and parking costs. Alex Kell, 38, decided to ditch sitting in traffic and trade it for the open waters when he changed his daily trip to and from work last summer. Weather permitting Alex, who owns Quayside Wealth Management, gets his stand-up paddleboard out at his home and paddles the mile up the Gloucester-Sharpness Canal to work. The unique commute provides Alex with much needed thinking time as a business owner, and helps him unwind after a stressful day at the office. The 38-year-old, who lives with his partner in Gloucester, is loving life on the water and has no plans to get back on the road in his Ford ranger anytime soon. Alex, who's lived in the city of Gloucester for 14 years, said: "I'm lucky, I live a mile from work on the canal. "If I drove it would take me 15 to 20 minutes including parking - but I was often sitting in traffic. "It's a great money saver as well and I estimate to be saving around £2,500 a year in petrol costs. "I paddled to work a lot last summer, and now the weather is getting better I'm doing it again." Alex doesn't wear a suit for his trip on the board, instead packing it in a dry bag for when he arrives at work. The weather can sometimes disrupt Alex's paddle boarding plans, but it's not the rain that puts him off. Alex said: "Rain doesn't stop me, the real issue is the wind. "If the wind is strong then it's a real struggle and makes you much slower - so on those days I walk instead. "In perfect weather it's so relaxing. You get wonderful views and sunsets - it's just beautiful." Alex says he saves £50 a week on petrol and parking - £6 a day on parking and £20 a week on petrol.

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