UK man rewilds garden so fox family of nine who moved in can live in comfort

A man has been delighted to get to watch the fox family living in his garden grow over the years with the welcome addition of FOUR playful cubs this summer.

David Fielding, 54, has spent the past four years watching foxes play in his garden and has seen the initial couple grow to nine friendly foxes every summer.

This summer, he's noticed the addition of four baby fox cubs to the family and believes they are great-grand-babies to the original couple.

Each year, he's spent summer evenings enjoying the sight of the fox family playing and sleeping in his garden and has even rewilded the yard to make it more comfortable for his new fluffy friends.

David has grown the grass long so the foxes can sleep comfortably and loves seeing them drink from his urban pond, safe from the busy main road outside of his home.

Although loving the wild addition to his garden, David has found himself having to adjust in the nights to the disturbing sounds of the original couple mating but says it's a rare downside to having the foxes around.

David, who is the managing director of a recruitment company and lives in Lewisham with his girlfriend Pali Jhita, 43, and his son Josh Fielding, 23, said: "Our house isn't near a wood or anything, it's in the middle of a bunch of homes and near a busy road, but for some reason, the foxes have made the garden their home.

"It's so lovely seeing them lying around, playing and sleeping in the grass. They're very entertaining to watch in the summer evenings.

"The only downsides are the pee and poo in the garden, and the sounds of the mum and dad mating. I don't know if you've ever heard a fox scream before but it sounds like a baby being strangled, it's really alarming!

"I don't get any sleepless nights over that any more though, I've gotten used to it over the years - we've had to!

"They are a delight to watch early in the morning and late at night. They have been attracted to my garden by my rewilding and putting in a couple of wildlife ponds.

"It's really lovely having them feel so comfortable near us, it's a delight."

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