UK man spends £80,000 to convert vehicle into car from 'Back to the Future'

A fan of the sci-fi classic "Back to the Future" has spent £80,000 converting a DeLorean motor into the iconic vehicle from the cult film and now uses it on the school run.

James Napier, 37, says he's probably "the coolest dad" when he picks up his three kids; Paige, 16, Devon, 13, and Daisy, 8, from school every day in the silver motor.

James spent a fortune transforming the once run-down car to resemble the one featured in the 1985's movie in which character Marty McFly travels through time.

And while most would only take out their prized motor for an occasional spin, James uses it for much more mundane reasons - taking his kids to school.

This video was filmed on December 3 in Wickford, east of London.