UK man spots MOUSE running around Burger King restaurant in Birmingham

A workman was shocked when he spotted a mouse running around the floor of a Burger King restaurant.

The footage, taken by James Jones, 26, shows a mouse scurrying around underneath tables where customers had sat.

The mouse then ran away out of shot inside the restaurant at the Bullring, Birmingham.

James said: “We were walking through the shopping centre to where we had parked.

“Burger King hadn’t been closed for long - probably about half an hour.

“As I was walking past, we saw a mouse underneath one of the tables just running around inside – it was literally around the foot of the table.

“I have eaten there before when I’ve been to the Bullring, but I wouldn’t eat there again now.”

A spokesperson for Burger King said: "Food safety and hygiene are a top priority at BURGER KING® UK.

"We work closely with environmental health teams to ensure this is delivered to the highest standard.

"We are investigating the matter raised and will be working to ensure all necessary measures are carried out to maintain a clean and safe environment for our guests."

The video was taken on Monday (9).

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