UK man strikes up friendship with robin he has been feeding by hand for three years

A man has struck up a friendship with a wild robin he has been feeding by hand for three years - and other birds are now flocking to his garden.

Mike Oldridge, 51, says Roy the robin first made a home in his garden back in 2019 - and he now feeds the bird mealworms by hand.

And now, he's even made friends with another bird - Gemma the great tit.

Mike, an NHS clinical scientist from Oxford, says he loves the interactions with his feathered friends, capturing the precious feeding times on camera.

He said: "I've 'known' Roy for about three years but I've been feeding robins by hand for at least 10 years!

"They're very cheeky and I usually have them feeding within a day or two! They can't resist the live mealworms, especially if they're feeding young.

"I just get them used to me by sitting on my back doorstep and putting some on the floor nearby.

"Once they know they can trust you and you're not going to make any sudden movements, that's pretty much it!

"They start by flying in, grabbing and straight off again, but doesn't take long before they realise there's no danger and they'll happily sit there for quite a while.

"They all have different personalities though, some are more nervous than others.

"Last year, I had Roy's babies on my hand which was super cute, but sadly this year's babies were got by cats before they'd left the nest - the nest was not in a good location.

"He's on a second brood now though so fingers crossed.

"I feed Roy all year round. The only time I don't see him is when he's moulting and looks a bit tatty - he's obviously very vain and only likes to be seen at his best!

"I always get a bit worried when I haven't seen him for a while and it's always nice when he turns up!

"I started feeding Gemma last year - she only feeds when she's feeding her young.

"She's currently in a nest box at the bottom of my garden with seven chicks who are growing quickly!

"I'm very happy with them being so comfortable around me, it's nice."

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