UK mother and son were amazed when they had the entire Ritz restaurant to themselves!

A mother and son were amazed when they booked into the Ritz for dinner - and it was so quiet they had the entire restaurant and all the staff to themselves. Martin Taylor, 48, took his mum Jean, 77, for a meal at the Michelin-starred Ritz Restaurant. Staff called earlier in the day to warn it would be a "quiet sitting" but the pair were shocked to find themselves alone in the 120-seat dining hall. Despite often being a haunt for celebs, and widely regarded as one of the world's best fine dining experiences, the mum and son had the run of the place. Essentially being cared for by a private chef, all five waiting staff attended the pair as they dined out on champagne with salmon, veal cheeks and sea bream. It was only when they were coming to the end of their meal, a few other diners joined them in the massive dining hall. It is thought it was so quiet because the early dinner slot on a Monday is usually popular for pre-theatre dinners, and there are currently less theatre goers thanks to Covid. Martin, a retired IT worker from Rainham, east London, said: "It was absolutely surreal. "It felt like we were dining with ghosts. "The staff were faultless and managed to be unobtrusive even though we were the only ones there. "It was like an episode of the twilight zone. "I kept expecting to see ghosts from 1924 walking in wearing top hats. "It was creepy. "All you could hear was the air-conditioning and the occasional clank of cutlery as the staff were working. "It was an experience I'll never see again, as I'm certainly not rich enough to book out the Ritz just for two of us. "I'll never ever experience that again and not many people can say they have dined in the Ritz with just one other person. "Presumably it's just another victim of everything that has happened. "The food was to die for." This video was filmed on the 2nd August 2021.

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