UK mum captures 5-year-old's FIRST EVER roller coaster ride and his reaction is priceless

This adorable footage shows a five-year-old boy's uncontrollable excitement as he experiences his first ever ride on a giant rollercoaster. Aiden Cameron, five, was on his first family holiday to Blackpool with his mum and dad when they decided to take him on the Blue Flyer rollercoaster. Excitable little Aiden could not wait to get on the rollercoaster and, thankfully, mum Paula Scott caught the moment on camera. The video shows Aiden adorably waving goodbye to dad as the rollercoaster makes its way out of the station and begins to climb. His excitement builds as they get to the top and then as the first drop comes Aiden goes through a rollercoaster of emotions himself, first screaming and telling his mum he doesn't like it -- to smiling and laughing and asking to go again. Aiden then rode the Blue Flyer again with his dad Ryan Cameron.

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