UK mum gives birth to baby boy in footwell of her car minutes after arriving at hospital car park

This mum gave birth to her baby boy in the footwell of her car - and her husband caught him in her cardigan. Leah Kemp, 26, felt the urge to push on the drive to hospital, and she told her husband Jordan, 26, he was going to have to be the midwife in the car park. They didn't have time to make it inside, and despite protesting "he didn't know how" quick-thinking Jordan stepped up and caught his tot in his wife's cream cardi. Newborn Jenson Jordan Rhodes Kemp was named after his dad because of his heroic delivery. Tot Jenson is now fondly known as "car park baby", after he joined the world in Leah's blue Mazda 3. Leah, from Pontypridd, South Wales, said: "It all happened so fast, I have had previous quick labours but never this quick. "I was having constant pain and slight urges to push but I never imagined that I would be giving birth in the car. "I told him the baby was coming now and he would have to deliver and he said he couldn't, he didn't know how to, "But he did it anyway and delivered our son perfectly. "How we did it I have no idea, it was a miracle because me and the baby didn't have a mark on us after delivery. "He had no help from anyone while delivering, it was just us two by ourselves in the car working as a team to deliver our son, not thinking about what could go wrong and just concentrating on getting the baby out." Leah found out she was pregnant with her third child in September 2020 after trying for a few months and on a whim picking up a pregnancy test from Home Bargains. This video was shot within May 2021.

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