UK mum and her 6-month-old left homeless after a B&M wax melt burner burnt down her flat

A new mum has been left homeless after a wax melt burner from B&M exploded and caused a massive fire that destroyed her flat. Vikki Henvey, 33, was at a friend's BBQ when she received a text from her neighbour saying her second floor flat was on fire. Full-time mum Tilly and baby Tilly, six months, found two fire engines putting out the blaze which had already ripped through her two-bed home. Firefighters said the £2.99 wax melt burner was to blame - even though it wasn't lit at the time. Bizarrely, it is thought sunlight through a window reflected off a mirror, and re-ignited an extinguished candle inside the melt holder. It heated up and exploded - setting fire to her hallway, which spread flames through every room in her home in Kingston upon Thames, Greater London. Thankfully nobody was hurt, and firefighters were able to carry dog Bruno from the flames, saving his life.

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