UK mum left unable to communicate after second dose of controversial AstraZeneca vaccine

A mum-of-six was struck dumb just hours after receiving her second dose of the controversial AstraZeneca vaccine. Sofia Gomes, 43, has been left unable to communicate with her fiance or her six children - aged between one and 19 years old - for the last three weeks, since having her second vaccine on May 19. The artist, from Wisbech, Cambs., "baffled" doctors with her extreme reaction to the vaccine. And she has been told that her voice will return eventually - but says it is "just a waiting game" as to when that may be. In an email sent yesterday (Weds), Sofia, who is originally from Portugal, wrote: "This has left me feeling really frustrated, upset, and frightened for the future. "I am trying to stay positive for my family, but I am really worried, and this has affected me a huge amount. I feel bad that I can't help my baby develop her speech, and one of my sons is autistic so it has been difficult not being able to communicate with him properly, too. I miss reading stories to my children and singing to them at night, and I miss being able to speak to my family in Portugal over the phone. I find it really hard to express my feelings when all I can do is just write things down in a notepad." *This video was filmed 9th June 2021.