UK mum slams co-sleeping criticism of sharing a bed with her family of four

A mum has slammed co-sleeping criticism after showing off her reality of sharing a bed with her family of four after years of 'broken sleep' in seperate beds.

Charlotte Lewis, 33, had struggled for eight years with her eldest daughter, Izzie, now eight, not being able to sleep on her own ever since she was an underweight newborn.

After years of trying different sleep methods to no success, Charlotte and her husband Paul, 34, decided to try co-sleeping after Izzie loved sleeping in a family room with her parents and baby brother Harvey, now four, on holiday.

The family of four have finally found a solution that works for them and now sleep in a giant bed made up of two double beds pushed together and Charlotte has slammed those who criticise co-sleeping as 'failure'.

Managing Director of a uniform company Charlotte, who lives in Coventry with fancy dress shop worker Paul and their kids Izzie and Harvey, said: "We must stop comparing. Stop judging, stop belittling, and stop stressing the unnecessary.

"Now, there’s no more musical beds, no more broken night's sleep, no more tears, no more nightmares and other fears. We’re all together, safe and snug, and I couldn’t be happier.

"I love waking up to my babies faces. I love the snuggles, I love the giggles we have at night. There’s so much magic in it that so many are missing out on because they're fighting to keep going with the routine that isn’t working because ‘that’s what we’re meant to do’.

"Haters are going to hate but sleepers are going to sleep, so two fingers up to the Judge Judys out there! Do what works for you."

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