UK November weather forecast: Unusually warm temperatures expected

Parts of England have been hit by heavy rain, which is now clearing  (James Manning/PA Wire)
Parts of England have been hit by heavy rain, which is now clearing (James Manning/PA Wire)

The UK is going to get unseasonably warm in the coming days, according to the Met Office.

It will be caused by areas of high pressure attracting warm air from the south-west, including from around the tropical Azores Islands. The weather change will lead to the rain drying up, bringing a mini-Indian summer to parts of the nation.

Southern and south-eastern England could reach 17C or higher by the weekend, while Scotland and the north are likely to be in mid-double figures.

Talking about the unexpectedly warm November days to come, Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “By the time we get to Thursday, high pressure is building across the south and the low is to the north-west, it will get quite blustery, particularly in the far north-west.

“The winds will be coming up from the south-west, bringing almost tropical air. On Friday, many places will see a dry day, and where we see the sunshine, with that southerly wind, temperatures will be 15C, 16C or 17C.”

The warmest November temperature ever recorded was 22.C in Wales in 2015, so this is set to be up there with the warmest November records.

The wave of warmth will come after a relatively wet and windy couple of weeks, during which there were flood alerts across southern Britain.

The milder days will mean people have to spend less heating their homes.

In September, a study by the International Monetary Fund found that the energy crisis is hitting UK households harder than any other western European nation.

The fund said the UK was paying the price for having energy-inefficient homes compared with other European nations and its heavy reliance on gas to heat homes, according to the Guardian.