The UK has one of the highest densities of luxury cars in the world

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Luxembourg has the highest density of luxury vehicles in the world, with the United Kingdom also making it into the top 10.

The UK came seventh in the list, which calculated luxury car sales over the past four years and measured that against a nation’s population to find out how many people there were for every luxury car.

Luxembourg came out on top because although it had the lowest new luxury car sales in the top 20 at 48,584, it also had the smallest population by a long way at 625,978. This means there are 13 people for every luxury car.

The data has come from research by price comparison site, which found that Belgium came second with 31 people per luxury car, followed by Germany with 32.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Again there was a big difference in the physical numbers, with Belgium selling about 370,000 luxury cars compared with Germany’s 2.6 million. However, the latter’s population is much bigger, with 83.8m compared with 11.6m.

The United Kingdom’s seventh place came with 40 people per luxury car, with over 1.7m sales and a population of almost 67.9m.

This put it behind Switzerland in fourth (34 people per luxury car), Norway in fifth (36) and Australia in sixth (37). The rest of the top 10 was Austria (47), Sweden (48) and Canada (53).

The list was dominated by European countries, which made up 13 of the top 20. The USA was surprisingly low in 12th place, with a score of 64 largely driven by its huge population of over 331m.

  1. Luxembourg - 13 people per luxury car

  2. Belgium - 31

  3. Germany - 32

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, said: “Many people aspire to drive a luxury car one day – that is, if you’re not already lucky enough to be driving one!

“Often kitted out with top of the range technology and ultra-comfortable interiors, these luxury vehicles can be very expensive to buy. As our research shows, the cost of a luxury car can also vary in affordability depending on where you live in the world.”’s analysis found Australia was the most affordable place to buy a luxury car, with the average price being about £80,000 and the average annual income being £32,000.

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