'Trump's LGBT rhetoric is incredibly harmful': Why US election is 'huge cause for concern'

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Ahead of the US election on 3 November, Yahoo News UK has been asking campaigners in Britain what a Donald Trump election victory would mean to them. Here, we speak to Josh Bradlow, head of policy at LGBT equality charity Stonewall.

Watch: ‘Trump's LGBT rhetoric is incredibly harmful – election is huge cause for concern'

“He has used incredibly harmful rhetoric... that rhetoric is having a real impact on equality of LGBT people’s lives.”

Josh Bradlow is considering the consequences of a second term in office for Donald Trump.

Bradlow works at the Stonewall charity, which has accused Trump’s administration of having “adopted a broad anti-LGBT agenda that threatens the rights of millions of lesbian, gay, bi and trans Americans”.

This has been captured by a list compiled by the GLAAD network tallying statements or actions made by the president, or people in his inner circle, which are perceived as anti-LGBTQ.

As of Sunday, it has recorded nearly 200 instances since he sworn into office in January 2017.

'Incredibly harmful rhetoric' on LGBT rights: Stonewall's Josh Bradlow on Donald Trump.
'Incredibly harmful rhetoric' on LGBT rights: Stonewall's Josh Bradlow on Donald Trump.

While Trump’s policy decisions only have a direct impact on people who live in America, Bradlow argues they reverberate all over the world – and that a second term in office could undermine LBGT equality in the UK.

Pointing to “regressive steps” such as Trump’s ban on trans people serving in the military, Bradlow told this website: “Donald Trump occupies a position of tremendous power and influence.

“So whatever he says in such an inter-connected world as the one we live in is going to have a huge impact both on the wellbeing of LGBT people in countries like the UK, but also around the world.”

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