UK petrol station worker shouts at moped driver for trying to jumping queue

This is the moment a furious petrol station worker shouts at a moped driver who attempted to cut the queue for fuel. The staff member was caught on camera shouting 'they are waiting' and gesturing to the queue of over 60 vehicles to the driver after they tried to sneak past on Monday (27/09). Max Gelber, 36, recorded the incident while waiting in line for fuel himself at the Shell on Old Brompton Rd in South Kensington, London. He said: "There was a lot of anger at the petrol station "I felt sorry for the staff at the station - the anger and poor job the staff have to deal with as a result." Max waited in the queue for 25 minutes before giving up on filling up his vehicle, but he believes he could have been waiting in the queue for at least an hour. The dispute comes during a fuel shortage at petrol stations nationwide after reports of supply chain issues triggered 'panic buyers' to rush to fill up. There have been long queues outside garage forecourts for the past few days, and some individual petrol stations have introduced a £30 cap on the amount of petrol people can buy. A shortage of lorry drivers resulted in restrictions in fuel distribution around the country, and on its own this was predicted to have only a limited effect on supply with temporary shortages in some areas. The video was taken on September 27 2021 at 3pm.

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