UK PM Truss faces "balancing act" forming a new government

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UK PM Truss faces "balancing act" forming a new government

The UK officially has a new Prime Minister after Liz Truss was appointed to the job by the Queen and now must get on with forming a government.

"A balancing act"

"There's a real balancing act for the new Prime Minister", said Dr Alice Lilly, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Government. "She wants people who, of course, have been loyal to her, but by getting rid of a lot of potential ministers who are in place at the moment and putting them on the back benches, there's a real risk that they could prove quite tricky for her to manage".

It’s a new job at a tricky time for the UK – with Liz Truss inheriting a raft of difficult issues, including a cost of living crisis, the energy crisis, NHS concerns and Brexit uncertainty. But further details into her plans to tackle these issues remain unclear.

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