UK Police Footage Shows Examples of 'Shocking' Lockdown Breaches

Police in Leicestershire have released what they described as footage from “shocking” lockdown breaches in Leicestershire and Rutland over the weekend of January 9 and 10.

In one incident, police approached a vehicle with three people inside “all from different households,” they said. Video shows an officer saying, “You’re hanging out with your mates.” An occupant of the car replies, “Yeah but it’s just been like five or 10 minutes.”

In a separate incident, police received a call that a party was taking place in a house. As they arrive, one person is heard saying, “I still don’t know anyone who’s got [COVID], don’t know anyone that’s died from it.” An officer replies: “Well I’ve had it.”

During the weekend of January 9 and 10, Leicestershire Police issued 142 separate fines to people breaching lockdown rules. Over 389,500 people tested positive for the coronavirus in the UK between January 6 and January 12. Credit: Leicestershire Police via Storyful