UK police search fishing lakes after 12 years in a fresh hunt for Claudia Lawrence

Police probing the disappearance of missing chef Claudia Lawrence are trawling two fishing lakes in a fresh hunt for her body. Claudia, 35, vanished without a trace 12 years ago after she failed to arrive for work at York University and cops believe she was murdered despite never finding her body. But today (Tues), North Yorkshire Police announced they are searching an area of Sand Hutton Gravel Pits in York, around seven miles from where Claudia was last seen. Underwater divers and forensic experts are "likely" to be at the scene for a number of days, the force said. Detective Superintendent Wayne Fox refused to confirm why the area was being combed for clues, but said: "I anticipate that a number of specialist officers and staff, including underwater search teams, and forensic experts are likely to be at this location for a number of days. "Whilst I am unable to disclose what brought us to this location, I would like to stress that the searches that you will see in coming days are just one of several active lines of inquiry which are currently being investigated and pursued." No-one has heard from Claudia since she called her mother Joan on the evening of March 17, 2009. She failed to arrive for work the next day and was reported missing by her father, Peter. Tragically he died earlier this year aged 74 without finding out what had happened to his daughter. Mr Lawrence spearheaded a nationwide search for his daughter Claudia which cost police around £1 million over the last decade. Nine people have been questioned, but no charges have ever been brought. Speaking on the 11th anniversary of Claudia's disappearance last year, Mr Lawrence said: "I think about Claudia every day. It never goes away. "I never thought this would get to 11 years, I'd have never believed we would be here, but unfortunately we are. "It's the not knowing that's the worst part, it eats into you, the not knowing what's happened. "My own thoughts always come back to that she was probably abducted on her way to work." Sand Hutton Gravel Pits are two private fishing lakes owned by the York and District Amalgamation of Anglers. Its website described the fishery as "one of YDAA's prettiest waters" which is "sheltered by the surrounding woodland". A public bridleway runs alongside the angling site and a successful science park is also nearby. The lakes, covering over an acre, were formed when an old gravel works was closed down after World War I. They are in the former grounds of Sand Hutton Hall, which was demolished in 1950. Video filmed 26th August 2021.

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